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Prince of the star

“May happiness will come on the windowsill of any person.”

“The prince of the star”is the 1st number of Tomomi Kato’s piano solo album,”real frontier”. Please check the movie with musical score from below↓

・Contents recorded

“real frontier”

The album is recorded 7number of Tomomi Kato’s original piano solo. It’s the best for keep playing, B.G.M or relaxation.

1.Prince of the star

2.I’m looking at the sea because there is a thing I just can’t forgive

3.Name of love

4.I want be a doll

5.a lingering scent


7.Living on prayer

・Product form

① CD disc ¥1,500

Please check in detail from my official website.You can contact from here .

★I’ll send you by mail with some message and I’ll pay for sipping cost.

②Download version ¥150

You can download from my official website.Please visit “pickup sound source” from here .

・About Tomomi Kato

Tomomi kato

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