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real frontier

real frontier

SKU: 001

The album recorded 7 numbers of Tomomi Kato's original piano solo.

It's the best for keep playing as B.G.M or relaxation.


The price of this album is  \1,500.(Tax included)


I'll send it by mail with  a message, and I'll pay for the shipping cost.

  • 取扱上の注意

    「Handling precautions」

    You are prohibited  following without the permission of the right holder recognized by copyright law about this CD.


    1. To use for leasing.

    2. To duplicate beyond private use.

    3. To be ready to send the sounds of this CD through the internet etc.

  • The titles of recorded numbers

    1. Prince of the star
    2. I’m looking at the sea because there is a thing I just can’t forgive
    3. Name of love
    4. I want be a doll
    5. a lingering scent
    6. Improvisation
    7. Living on prayer
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