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I have uploaded 3 new songs to Pixabay

I have uploaded 3 new songs to Pixabay, a site for materials such as sound sources and photos. They are free, so please download them and try them out!

There are three songs: "The moon", "The sun", and "Merry-go-round".

"The moon"

I imagined the gentle light of the moon. I wanted to include a sad and soft feeling. When I created this song, I cherished the gaps between the sounds and hoped that each listener's thoughts would be reflected in them.

"The sun"

It is an image of bright and straight sunlight. As I played, I imagined a scene where the sun's light gradually grows and illuminates a lot of land.


I wanted it to be a cute song with a triple time signature. I think it would be great if the song captures a soft atmosphere. I recorded it with several pianos layered on top of each other, and I'm not quite sure how to edit it yet, but I'd appreciate it if you could find some good parts.

These three songs are exclusive to Pixabay and are not available on YouTube.

Please visit the link and listen.

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