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I’m close to You

I’m close to You

Oh , it’s for you. Oh ,it’s your color.

Sadness is in the flame of tenderness and craftiness.

Oh, it’s for you, it’s color of the end.

We wiped same paint of brightness,

and we came out the forest we’ve never felt and seen.

Oh, your prayer is passing away now.

Your thoughts will rise to the sky.

Oh,someday we will accept all things.

Even sounds of light we have been looking for always too.

Sadness is deep dark blue.

Suddenly, black light and white light shine on while afraid crossing.

Oh, the light is coming down you now.

Let the brightness reach you again.

Even if I was buried in hopeless night, I would be remembered thinking of you.

Yellow of the sun, green of the breath,

color of trembling life, color of sadness,

and too dazzling color ......... shine bright!

Even if in the distance,

yes, always,

I ‘m close to You.

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